Seeing a show @ The Tabernacle in Atlanta is an experience in itself. But when you are able to catch three musical acts at the very top of their game, it becomes something you would liken to a religious experience. At least that is the way this music fan felt Thursday night, Valentines Day, at the Nico Vega/Atlas Genius/Imagine Dragons show in Atlanta. 

I honestly was the most excited to see Nico Vega as I have always been a fan and can feel the band really coming into their own. And they left quite an impression on me when they played Deluna Fest back in 2011. We had a chance to talk with them after the show at Deluna Fest and found that they were not only very genuine people but music fans as well, taking the time to walk around and catch some of the artists who were playing in the early hours of the evening.

After the show Thursday night, we bumped into guitarist Rich Koehler and drummer Dan Epand who remembered Deluna Fest very well and were so impressed with the fans and of course the local. Rich was especially taken by the beaches and was so bummed that they had to leave so early the next morning. Well, all I could say was, please come back and stay as long as you want! I really hope they do make it our way, as they are clearly firing on all cylinders.
— with Nico Vega at The Tabernacle.

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